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February 2015

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pumping and pitching

February 19, 2015

Shortly after I started back to work after maternity leave my team had an opportunity to pitch for a large piece of business. For the next phase of the pitch, we were going to travel out of town to the client’s office where I’d be presenting with three partners from our agency. We decided to carpool to the pitch, about an hour and a half from Cleveland. We met on the outskirts of the city at a Cracker Barrel that morning. I was sure to get there early and pump in the car. I figured when we broke for lunch, according to our agenda, I’d take the opportunity to pump and then rejoin the meeting when it resumed. Easy peasy! Yeah…. not so much. We decided that the meeting was on such a roll – yay! – we’d work through lunch – yikes! And we did.

After we wrapped we promptly piled into our shared vehicle and drove home. As soon as we got back to town, the partners wanted to grab a drink to debrief. At this point, I was ready to burst. I had no choice but to excuse myself. So I let them know I’d meet them at the top of the hill for a drink in about 10 min.

I quickly pumped in the back of my car and popped up to the bar to meet them for a vodka rocks with blue cheese olives. NOTE: Yet another reason to ALWAYS have batteries and the battery pack in your pump bag – and a double electric pump.

Coordinating pumping can sometimes be logistically challenging, especially if you’re trying to seamlessly fit it into your schedule. Lucky for me at this point I wasn’t in dire need to pump, so it worked out. I was able to fudge a little because I knew I wouldn’t leak through my outfit. Had it been earlier in my return to work I probably would have had to insist on a break for lunch so that I could take care of business.

Moral of the story… Plan for it, be organized, know your limits and ask for what you need.


working mom

catching zzzzz’s

February 12, 2015

[Channeling Oprah] You get to sleep. And YOU get to sleep. EVERYONE gets to sleep!

Parenting is a curious thing. As quickly as something goes of the rails, it’s back on track again. Our little dude was not sleeping. Like for real. No. Sleeping. Ever. It was terrible and frustrating. We couldn’t stop asking ourselves why this was suddenly happening. Is he teething? Does he have a cold? Is it a combination of the two? Does he have gas? What are we feeding him? Did we change what we’re feeding him? The list goes on.

What we learned…

  • The ‘Hail Mary‘ talking through the monitor trick works. It’s amazing. We’ve tried it since during the night and even once for a nap. Definitely a go-to trick if V happens to get up in the night. Saves us (well, saves Daddy) a good hour of time.
  • Just as quickly as he fell of the sleep wagon, he got back on. No rhyme or reason but it worked itself out. Unfortunately we can take no solace in having a specific reason to point to for the sleeplessness.

As suddenly as he stopped sleeping he started again. In reality it was a blip but it seemed like an eternity at the time because of both lack of sleep and the unknown (when will he sleep again? will he EVER sleep again?). Thankfully we had caffeine to help us through the workdays – of which there were many!

For now we will have to settle for accepting the unknown and be thankful  this coin toss went our way. This parenting thing is a trip.