Where ‘Nine to V’ began.

When I first returned back to work I was still trying to find my way with this new creature and new routine. It didn’t feel like I had anywhere to turn. All blogs I found aimed at working moms seemed to feature established families with older kids. I needed to know about pumping and prepping for daycare not homework and after school activities.

What’s more is that the majority of the other mommy blogs I found feature stay-at-home moms. Looking at photos of their kids each day while I was freshly away from mine felt like salt was being thrown in my wound. Even reading the complaints of tantrums and meltdowns in public triggered twinges of jealousy. (I was that far gone!)

Thus Nine to V was born. The name is a play off workday hours,  9 to 5, but for me my workday may begin in the office but it ends with me returning home to my very own V.

I’m in no way an expert on parenting, in fact as my girlfriends can tell you I’m constantly peppering them with questions about their morning routine, what they feed their baby, how much to pay a babysitter, etc. I’m just one mom of a new little dude who works full-time in an office that is an hour commute away from home.

Each journey is unique and no one is better than another.

This is my journey and you’re welcome to it…

LV ♥


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