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hand-off fail

September 10, 2014

IV is usually both drop-off and pick-up duty for V. It’s rare that I have to do either, and I am so grateful for it. The other day, IV had a golf outing so I dropped off V on my way to work and picked him up in the evening as well. He’s been a little more attached to me lately which is a swing from what was happening a few months ago when it was all Daddy all the time. This makes hand-off to anyone a little more difficult, let alone to daycare.

I tried to get down on the floor and play with him a little, get him into some toys as a distraction. He wasn’t having any of it so I gave him a hug and kiss and told him I’d be back later as he was already wailing. It was full on scream-cry with tears, and it was horrible. Leaving him like that is rough. The only thing that makes it better is having a busy and productive work day so I can feel like my leaving him was for a purpose. Days like these are tough.

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