Happy Valentine’s Day – I Love You Anyway

February 14, 2017

This Valentine’s Day I’m definitely earning ‘Mom of the Year’ status. At least it started out that way. I had a Pinterest worthy moment this morning creating pancakes complete with festive Valentine’s Day M&M’s which my toddler quickly branded ‘disgusting’ before they even hit his plate. Even my little guy refused to eat (vigorously shaking his head ‘no’ at the sight of one).

In addition, rather than adorning my children in festive holiday themed frocks they went to school wearning Star Wars and mint green t-shirts.

I tried to make-up for my gross display of love in the form of pancakes by leaving behind some cute Valentine’s Day treats. Which, with my luck, will probably backfire. I’m imagining a few tantrums before dinner prior to me arriving home from work. Happy Valentine’s Day hubby!

But I did try. At least a LITTLE bit to be on board today.

As I flip through social media I realize that I may be the only person on God’s green earth bah-humbugging Valentine’s Day. But hear me out… I have good reason…

I’m f*&%ing TIRED. Yeah… that’s my excuse… I’m tired. Just tired enough to be dulled around the edges. Maybe because we had to change our son’s sheets in the middle of the night when he had an accident. Or that he came into our room in the wee hours of the morning to Darth Vader breathe on us until we were startled awake to take him to the bathroom. Or when we got him back to sleep and his brother cried probably because he lost one of his 15 pacifiers somewhere in his bed (kidding he only has like 4). Or when my husband’s not one but TWO alarms went off this morning. (For the record he NEVER gets up with the first alarm – honestly I could murder him).

Facebook and Instagram bombarded me with eloquent descriptions of unwavering love today. My lover, my soulmate, my best friend? UGH. I guess some combination of those things is true. We’re not ‘lover’ type of people. Too SNL skit-ish for us. My soulmate? I guess so (cue eye roll). My best friend? Well he’s one of my best friends for sure but I always think of that new Kay ‘Ever Us’ commercial – you know the one for the double stone diamond (insert type of jewelry here) for your best friend AND your true love which happen to be wrapped up in the same amazing human being?! Quite honestly if my husband did consider this gift, he’s also ask how much it would cost to split the diamonds so as to give one to me and one to his cousin, who is his true best friend.

So this Valentine’s Day I’ll tell the many loves of my life that I love them anyway, because I do. I REALLY do. With everything I am – in the middle of the night, through two alarms in the morning and when they call my cooking disgusting.

Happy Valentine’s Day.



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    So funny Jess!

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