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just because it’s easy doesn’t make it right

December 23, 2014

It’s easier not go get a real Christmas tree. You don’t have to travel to the tree farm, strap the tree to the car, drive it home, bring it in the house, set it up, decorate it, water it, take it out to the curb after Christmas, or sweep up the fallen pine needles. But isn’t the extra effort required worth the reward of having the smell of the live tree in the house as well as the memories you make with your family to get the tree and decorate it together? Isn’t the beauty and magic it brings to your home during the holiday season worth sweeping up a few needles?

This is our first holiday with a toddler and we’re still working on determining our traditions as a family. This season we picked out a real tree together and decorated it. We also went to visit Santa with some friends. And we walked around the lighted garden of our community. But we didn’t bake any cookies. We didn’t go to lights at the zoo. And we didn’t even pick-out our little guy’s Christmas outfit, my in-laws did.

It was manageable to do some of it but it would have been far easier to do none of it. My husband and I literally had the discussion that we can’t just not do something that we feel is a great tradition or fun activity just because it’s easier not to. It will ALWAYS be easier not to. So we resolved to make the most of our weekends together as a family, especially during the holiday time which can be so enchanting.

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