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my baby is making me sick

September 4, 2014

Can you remember the last time you had Strep Throat? I can, and it was not once but TWICE THREE TIMES in the last 9 months. The one thing I’ve learned from Little V being at daycare is that germs travel fast and both their and your immune system will take a hit. When five first went to daycare my husband and I came down with all kinds of little sniffles here and there. In addition, I was taken down by Strep within the first month of him being in daycare. I remember clearly being in a client meeting shivering and barely able to talk, thinking to myself “Wow, my throat is really sore! I don’t remember the last time I had a sore throat!” I powered through the meeting and ended up taking the remaining few hours of the day off of work to head to doctor to get checked-out. Mind you, I’ve not taken a sick day in the three years I’ve been with my agency and in countless years at my prior employer. The doctor confirmed what was my suspicion that I FOR SURE had Strep. It was the worst. My husband graciously offered to get my medication that evening and came home with the wrong prescription, I literally cried. Illness sidelined me for a few days, and because of it I not only could not be a functioning member of our household but on the work front I missed a new business pitch. It sucked. Recently a girlfriend of mine missed a get-together because the same thing happened to her. Baby’s first month in daycare = Strep for Mama. Be prepared to get at least to catch a little sniffles no matter how much you try to avoid it with hand washing, vitamin C, etc. Those darling kissable babies are covered in germs waiting to make their way into your system.

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