online retailer + free shipping = winning christmas

December 22, 2014

There never seems to be any time, at least not any time available during actual retail hours. It’s hard to find time to shop when you’re balancing work hours and demands let alone adding a baby to the mix.

That’s why online shopping is winning this working mom’s Christmas. I should specify, online shopping WITHOUT shipping fees is winning this working mom’s Christmas.

My favorite go-to retailers include…

  • Amazon – Not just Amazon, but Amazon Prime. It’s my go-to for literally anything all year round and gets even better during the holiday season. Great, large selection and free two-day shipping. Can’t beat it!
  •  L.L. Bean – I have an affinity for L. L. Bean not only because they’re based in my home state of Maine but they also have the absolute best guarantee on quality. Plus they offer free shipping without minimum order.
  •  Zappos – Free shipping and fantastic customer service for returns or exchanges.
  •  Target – Hit or miss on free shipping, but always has the pick-up in store option. Most times you can find items cheaper online than in the store. So you can shop from the convenience of your home at any hour and swing by the store to pick-up.

Shopping at any time of day from basically any device is an absolute dream. It frees me up to do all of those other holiday things like decorating, getting a Christmas tree, baking (or think about baking), visiting friends and family. etc.


NOTE: Any online retailer that offers a gift wrapping option is icing on the cake! Especially if you’re shipping directly to the recipient, the few extra bucks is worth it!

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