October 29, 2014

My brother-in-law is famous for putting things into perspective. If you’re having a Chicken Little ‘the sky is falling’ kind of moment he will snap you back to reality with “did you know that militants stormed the diplomatic compound in Libya and killed the ambassador, maybe your day is not so bad.”* Yeah, he goes there. But sometimes you need a different perspective to allow for reevaluation. And sometimes you’re just having a moment and want to vent damnit. It happens!

As I’ve written before, and will surely do again, the biggest shift in my point of view has come from the arrival of Dan V. But there is no shortage of ideas, articles, content, people, places and things that cause us to shift our thinking every day – some in small and some in not-so-small ways.

Enter Nora Purmort. Nora and I went to the same college in Cincinnati, she was a year behind me and we ran in the same circles. She’s also a fellow working mom. In 2011 she and her husband were married at the same time he began battling brain cancer.  The video above is a teaser for a documentary that Anders Holine is making about their story – girl meets boy, boy gets brain cancer, the adventure continues.

She truly is a tremendous writer, check out her blog at My Husband’s Tumor. Worth a read for when you need perspective, or cannot find the strength, or just need to believe in existence. And if those reasons don’t do it for you, then just  because she’s a phenomenal writer and you’d like to be in awe.

Sometimes all it takes is a second look from a different perspective. Sending good vibes out into the universe via the interwebs.

LV ♥


You can support Musella Foundation for Brain Tumor Research by purchasing a ‘Still Kickin‘ tee (or hoodie, or crew neck) thru Cotton Bureau that Aaron Purmort designed.

 *Comment above was in reference to the 2012 Benghazi attack.

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