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LOFT sale – style that baby bump

December 10, 2014

Time to style that baby bump for work on a steal! Get over to the to check-out their sale – 50% + free shipping! They have some awesome maternity staple pieces which are on my MUST HAVE list for anyone expecting.

Don’t forget to dress up your style with a little bling!

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Happy Hunting!

LV ♥


working mom

work what your mama gave you … at work

October 20, 2014

Though I personally resisted purchasing maternity wear for awhile, mostly because I was totally freaked out by the fact that this was even happening – by this I mean having a baby. (And for the record, yes, I did get pregnant on purpose. I am weird about change, but more on that later).

I totally recommend purchasing a few staples pieces for work sooner rather than later. It’s much easier now to look stylish when pregnant than it was in our mother’s day and as proof we have a plethora of options at our disposal.

Fortunately, I work at an ad agency which means that my daily wear isn’t very strict. I was free to pair maternity items with non-maternity flowy tops or maxi dresses with cardigans. Whatever your workplace wardrobe specifications, here are a few must have items to add to your list…


  •  Classic Black Pants – x2
    • Full Panel – x1
    • Demi Panel – x1
  • Dresses -x2


If you’re early enough in your pregnancy you may get some additional wear out of your slacks if you pick-up a pants extender.

  • Pants Extender – The belly band gets an honorable mention as a commonly used extender for your pants, it’s a band of elastic fabric that spans 6-8″ which you place over your unbuttoned pants to hold them up
    • PROS
      • Allows you to continue to get wear out of your current wardrobe, even when you cannot fully button your pants
      • Can be used post-pregnancy when you start to get back into your pre-pregnancy pants
    • CONS
      • At some point you need to accept that this ‘just isn’t working’ and move onto the real thing

After awhile a pants extender, like a belly band, just isn’t going to cut it.You’ll want to invest in a few true maternity pant styles for work. Here’s a breakdown on your style options…

  • Demi Panel – Features a few inches of thick stretchy fabric at the waist band to allow for extra stretch
    • PROS
      • Great fit for a smaller bump
      • Perfect to wear in the transition post-baby before you dare trying on your pre-pregnancy wardrobe
    • CONS
      • More difficult to wear the larger your belly grows
  • Full Panel – Features a panel of stretch fabric that pulls over your belly (referred to by my husband, Dan IV, as my ‘Urkel’ pants)
    • PROS
      • Great fit for a larger belly
      • Fits through many stages of pregnancy
    • CONS
      • Many black pants feature a black panel which can be difficult to wear with light colored tops
      • Don’t hold up as well post-pregnancy

If you want to get more wear our of your current wardrobe and are early in your pregnancy, pick-up a belly band. You can find them at your local Target. However, as you start moving into your second and third trimester you’ll want to ante up for both a demi and full panel pair of work pants. They fit better which allows you to be more comfortable – as you grow you’ll appreciate any extra source of comfort!


Be on the lookout for a few versatile dresses that allow you some room to grow. Maternity dresses have the uncanny knack of fitting your your bump impeccably. Stick with a few basics for work, a black sleeveless for instance, that you can get a lot of mileage out of by switching up jewelry and cardigans for maximum wear-ability.


  • Motherhood Maternity – Great pieces at a great prices, be sure to grab some pants and jeans.
    • Motherhood Maternity is different from Destination Maternity, which has pricier items.
  • Gap – Great pants for work, on point and in style.
  • Ann Taylor Loft – They offer both maternity and non-maternity options and tend to feature some non-maternity flowy tops that made up my go-to staples. Plus they’re always having a sale.
    • Sign-up for their email and never buy anything full price again! No really though, I honestly will not purchase anything there full price. 
  • Target – Take advantage of their mobile coupons to get discounts on maternity items.

Happy hunting!

LV ♥