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November 3, 2014

Luckily Dan V is still a wee one thus making Halloween a bit easier logistically speaking. The only two things we I needed to worry about for the holiday were a costume for V and candy for the neighborhood kids. My preparation was impeccable for one and quite lacking for the other in what worked out to be the best possible way.

Impeccable preparation – Costume


V is just over a year which made the costume decision an easy one. Specifically, he put on whatever we wanted him to wear as he’s still too young to have an idea of what he’d like to dress-up as. Last year after Halloween I purchased two outfits from Toys-R-Us on clearance for around $8 each – a lion and a pumpkin. Both incredibly darling. The pumpkin involved a hat, which we assumed V would rip off of his head immediately so we went with the lion because it had a hood (and therefore, no escape). He was not completely psyched about wearing the costume at first but after a bit of fussing decided to go with it (mostly because he couldn’t figure out how to get it off). He was absolutely adorable. Moral of the story – if your baby is young enough not to care about the costume he/she is wearing, other than not wanting to wear it, get something on a deal and run with it! It will save you time, money and most importantly your sanity!

Incredibly poor preparation – Candy

Having candy to pass out on Halloween night was apparently very low on my priority list because it completely slipped my mind until my husband mentioned something the night before. Luckily we have a 24-hour CVS just up the street from our home and on my route to work so I was able to swing in on my morning commute to pick-up sweet supplies. It was apparent I was last to the party. Almost all of the candy had been snatched up save for a few bags of the classic M&M’s, Milkey Way and Snickers which happily happened to correspond with a few coupons I had clipped and was also marked down to $1.88 per bag. I was able to score 6 bags for $8. Gotta love it!

Side note… it took me a minute to actually locate the Halloween candy since what was left of it had been moved to a few far end caps and a specialty display area because the CHRISTMAS display was up! Yes, it’s Halloween and Christmas is already upon us. I shit you not. It’s not even NOVEMBER YET! I mean, can I get a minute or what?!

Beyond our control – Weather

We had planned to sit outside with V and pass out candy to the neighborhood kids, since he LOVES seeing other kids. Then maybe walk to a few neighbors houses and say hello but not formally trick-or-treat. Mother Nature had different plans. It was windy, cold and rainy – a trifecta of nasty which unfortunately kept us confined indoors. We still had fun passing out candy and saying ‘Happy Halloween’ to the trick-or-treaters but it would have been awesome to take advantage of the outdoors.

All in

All in all a pretty successful little Halloween. My preparedness and lack thereof paid off. Getting costume options WAY early helped me save some money while avoiding the last minute holiday craze and buying candy WAY late saved me some dough. Definitely a few happy accidents. Till next year!