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morning routine 8/9 months

November 18, 2014

When little Dan V was still breastfeeding in the morning I found things to be much more difficult. I’m not sure if that was because of the breastfeeding or because I was a new mom trying to figure out the whole morning routine thing. Maybe a bit of both.

Honestly once I was done breastfeeding and pumping our routine in the morning was much easier to handle simply because the timing was more predictable. The switch really began around 8-9 months. Dan V was able to suck down a bottle really quickly as opposed to when he was breastfeeding and really took his time. The switch from breast to bottle was an awesome one, we no longer felt rushed getting ready to get out the door to daycare.

Here’s  a sample of our typical morning routine when V was around 8/9 months…

  • 6:00 – Dan IV gets up for his run
  • 6:15-6:30 – V is awake and lets you know he’s ready for the day ‘get-up, stand-up’
  • 6:30 – Bottle
  • 6:35 – Cuddle in the chair, read a book, hang out
  • 6:45 – Diaper change, get dressed for the day
  • 7-7:30 – Play in the bedroom/bathroom while IV and I get dressed
  • 7:30 – IV and V say ‘buh-bye’ to me as they head downstairs then out to daycare

Our routine has shifted a bit as V has grown and consequently it’s a bit different from our routine while I was still breastfeeding. Personally, I’m obsessed with different baby and family routines as we adapt our own so I’ll be sure to post our typical routine for each stage!