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3 people you need to boost your friend count

June 30, 2016

When we were younger we were told to ‘use the buddy system!’ The same is true for when you become an adult and especially when you become a parent.

There are three distinct friends every working mom needs to cultivate…

  1. A friend at work
    1. Fact – you’re at work A LOT. So find someone who shares a kid around the same age or similar child rearing philosophies. Grab lunch and talk about struggles around work/life balance or preparing for/returning from maternity leave. Share great deals you’ve found, talk about your favorite products or how weird it is when co-workers ask you about your bottle sanitation bag in the microwave like it’s a cool new meal that they’ve not yet discovered. You will always have a willing listener for your stories and viewer of your pictures.
  2. A friend at daycare
    1. Your kid knows their kid, and more importantly LIKES their kid. Strike-up a conversation at drop-off or pick-up, or do what I did and leave a note for the teacher to pass along. You’ll be glad you hooked-up. Not only is it great for the kids to continue their relationship outside of daycare (they usually know how to play together which is an added bonus!). But you will also have someone else to talk about the happenings at daycare – why a director left, get the skinny on specific rooms and teachers, learn which kids are teaching yours potty humor, etc.
  3. A friend in your current circle
    1. One great thing about longtime friend who also has a kid is that you have a history that predates your offspring. You can talk kids, or talk work, or talk relationship, or talk about weird shit you wouldn’t dare mention to anyone else, or NOT TALK AT ALL because you just get each other. Your relationship endures even though you now sometimes have little people in tow.

I’m the first one to say ‘ugh I have enough friends’ but trust me, you’ll be glad you reached out.

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New Mom? Quit Social Media.

November 18, 2015

My advice for a new mom going back to work? Quit social media.

Why? The recent bombardment of articles around infant death. Seriously.

Going back to work is difficult enough without reading about tragic stories involving infant deaths – which are rare. Even though these incidents are in the vast minority, infant death doesn’t feel rare when you see multiple articles pop up in your feed as you’re checking your social media between meetings. The worst thing? You can’t not read them – you’re compelled by some inner anxiety and fear that ensures you click thru. Why torture yourself?

Many of the articles I’ve read mention having to leave your infant with strangers. To that I ask, why are you leaving your infant with strangers? The people that take care of your child while you’re working should not be strangers. Get to know them for fuck sake you’re leaving your precious tiny human with them!

Many also mention a group care setting. Not comfortable with a group care/daycare setting? Don’t send your kid there. Find another option – a nanny, an au pair, relatives or determine which partner will stay home. You have options – exercise them.

I will tell you from experience, however, leaving your kid to go back to work with ANYONE other than YOU is f-ing HARD. Even if it’s your own relatives – the fact remains it’s not YOU. And that SUCKS.

What can you do to ease your mind? Get to know your care providers in any setting you choose. Ensure that appropriate certifications are in place, like CPR for instance, and that your child will only be allowed to sleep in a crib devoid of loose material on their back (not in any type of seat or carrier). Oh… and quit social media for awhile.

I just recently began back at work full-time after having baby #2 – ‘new baby’ according to our toddler – and all these articles are making me beyond anxious. Even though this is not my first rodeo, I furiously texted my husband in a panic just yesterday morning after reading yet another story.

Are you a new mom preparing to go back to work? Do yourself a favor and quit social media for awhile.



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Another Reason to Love Netflix

August 5, 2015

As a parent ready to embark on leave in the all too near future, I’m attracted like a moth to a flame to Netflix’s announcement on their parental leave policy. If you’ve not heard about this yet, it’s worth a quick read. Not only are they offering full salaries and benefits but allowing flexibility for parents to return part time or come back full time for a few months and leave again. If that was not enough, and this is practically unheard of these days, they’re offering this to both men and women! I’m dying.

While I’m grateful for FMLA which ensures me a position and also that at my company offers short-term disability coverage which ensures some financial assistance, I long for more. In honesty we lose out on a nice chunk of income even at the standard 6 or 8 week leave period not to mention extending to a full 12 weeks. Keep in mind I’m speaking for myself, a woman in the workplace that is offered leave, my husband doesn’t even have the luxury of parental leave.

One of the biggest considerations when becoming a new parent is weighing the time you would like to/need to take off, prior to knowing what your needs will really be, with the financial implications. It is almost always a bummer of a conversation.

What Netflix is offering is beyond amazing, something that is likely not to be rivaled let alone matched by many others. Like I needed another reason to keep my Netflix subscription!


P.S. If you’re a new parent and handling middle of the night feedings, I highly recommend investing in a Netflix subscription. I’ve written about my Netflix addiction before – it’s the real deal, I’m hooked. My iPhone equipped with the Netflix app saved me – it kept me awake, engaged and made it easier to get up… AGAIN… in the middle of the night with my newborn. In fact, this go ‘round I’ve saved Orange is the New Black and Wet Hot American Summer – First Day of Camp specifically for this reason!

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Rachel Zoe is my spirit animal

May 8, 2015

I was surfing my favorite news sites quickly yesterday afternoon during my 4:15PM lunch break at work (yes lunch) and stumbled upon a a quick read on USA Today Life which talks about designer and business owner Rachel Zoe and her claim that creating an office nursery was her best business decision yet. As a fellow working mom who was motivated and committed to returning to my career after maternity leave I just loved the approach she took. I was compelled to read her essay in its entirety.

The icing for me was this quote:

“My advice to you: Never apologize for being dedicated to your kids and challenge those around you to not only acknowledge, but celebrate your ability to be a mother and an asset in the workplace.”

Work/Life balance is always a struggle, one that parenthood adds an additional layer onto for both mom and dad. Though it’s one, I would argue, that has also made me a better employee.

Just loved this take from her, so refreshing.

It may only be one small step, but it was taken like a boss.


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November 5, 2014

Was just chatting with my cousin this morning about work/life balance, career, family and the grass always being greener. As a working mom it can be easy to feel guilt for not being around for all of the moments of every day. Sometimes, when the scales seem to be tipped the furthest away from your personal life, it can be difficult to feel truly committed and fulfilled.

That’s why I had to share this video from Union, an ad agency on the short list for Agency of the Year.

Their set-up is simple:

This business of advertising isn’t easy. There are people who put their blood, sweat and tears into the campaigns they produce. That’s why, when an agency like Union gets shortlisted for strategy‘s Agency of the Year awards, the painstaking time and effort that goes into the creative product is worth celebrating. And the shop knew just what gift to give its staffers for a job well done.

Agency life can be creative, amazing and fulfilling while at the same time maddening, insane and all-consuming. This video is a hilarious reminder.

Hope you like it as much as I did!

LV ♥