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September 24, 2014

This past week was hectic, but the hardest part was being without this guy.

My week played out like this…

  • M – Prep for presentation
  • T – Late prep for presentation
  • W –  Travel (Biz)
  • R – Travel/Work/Event
  • F – Work/Travel (Pleasure)
  • Sa – Travel
  • Su – Travel/Home

From Tuesday night through Sunday afternoon I saw V a total of 1 hour and 20 minutes. Honestly the worst part was when I was in town but unable to get home. Tuesday evening was particularly rough. When finalizing our presentation, technology turned on me and I spent an extra hour and a half in the office trying to troubleshoot with our creative team and remotely accessing our techie guru. Luckily the partner I was traveling with was having drinks right down the street and we were able to make a quick switch – his Mac for my iPad. It was a win/win – he was able to showcase a digital publication we created for his companion over drinks while I loaded our presentation to his desktop.  The entire time though I could feel my anxiety ratcheting up over the thought of not making it home in time to see V before bed. After loading and testing the presentation, making the hand-off and joining for a quick drink I made it home just in time to change V into his pajamas. Barely time to spare.

The business travel was the easy part. We were in and out overnight. With no possibility of seeing V, it was not even on the radar as a worry. My travel companions are amazingly talented and interesting which made the trip that much better. Our air and land connections were seamless. Our presentation was on-point and we not only had heads nodding in the room but had engaged conversations both during and afterward – always a good sign! Unfortunately I falsely assumed I may get more and better sleep when on the road without my teething V down the hall. That was not the case. Between the time change and general hotel stay sleeplessness I averaged far less than I would have had I been home.  The trip was both exciting and exhausting.

The kicker was that this week happened to be packed not only with work but with social engagements. When I arrived back in town on Thursday I came into the office to finish out the afternoon and attend an after work event that I had previously committed to. It was delightful but again the anxiety of delaying my arrival home weighed heavily on my enjoyment. And especially so knowing I was again headed out of town the next night until Sunday. This time it was for pleasure, the girls and I had placed a little trip to Cincinnati – my old stomping grounds. I had been so excited for the weekend but after the packed week it seemed to dull my initial feelings toward the get together. Thankfully the further I got from home and closer I came to Cincinnati the excitement began to bloom and I was ready to let loose with the girls for a few days. And let loose we did.

Though truly not at all restful the trip left me feeling energized and ready to take on V and some sleepless teething nights which was great. It felt nice to schedule some time away with the girls, just tough when it came at the end of a busy week which left me little time with V. Sometimes popularity comes with a price.

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